Just A Matter Of Time​.​.​.

by Maravilla

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There it shines, la maravilla. Its roots spread beneath the Earth, in the fine rich soils of the land; its petals reach outward for the sun, soaking the light of a new dawn and breathing out in the dusk. While it establishes its home here en la tierra, absorbing the exuberant experiences of life, it also reaches out and searches the endless skies, seeking those infinite spaces for its meaning and comprehension. And like the tongue of Nietzsche, that spirited voice, la maravilla is our aesthetic phenomenon, justified in its existence, eternally alive within its own music and image in us all. Maravilla is a destination, and these songs bring about a story—an intimate and personal cuento—of a young man and his emotional journeys. From sadness, relationships, love, and complete despair within art and life, the token of each song resides in the listeners’ attachments and interpretations. These songs are full of youthful passions, they encapsulate intense emotions coming directly from the heart, and we can feel the tragedies within each withering yellow petal and finding solace from the positivity of looking beyond the stars. Maravilla is our youthful spirit, fighting against the experience of the philistine, searching in the world for a place to bloom loudly. Just A Matter Of Time... is the voice of Maravilla.


released March 15, 2016

Nick: Vocals/Baritone Ukulele/ Mandolin/ Guitar
Kennedy O. Cuevas: Resonator Guitar/ Vocals
Nataly Ramirez: Vocals and she brought Pronto Pizza.
Kris Vasquez: Voice/ providing his poem, "a poem for her (wherever she may be)", writing "objet petit a" and the beginning of "Demystifying."

I recorded everything in my bedroom. I write simple stuff. Musically incompetent and proud.

I wrote all the songs and co wrote "She Was The Girl" with Kennedy.

Kennedy, Nataly, Kris, Brandon and all my other friends/family who were around helped me create this. Physically and emotionally. Thank You.

Artwork by Nicholas Vasquez
"Maravilla" header by George Perez (Amazing Artist)



all rights reserved


Maravilla Los Angeles, California

A collection of sappiness and unhappiness from the later part of 2015 and the early part of 2016. I do not condone anyone to listen to this. Go read a book. Thanks though to everyone that helped especially my brother who beautifully wrote the album descriptions.. Los maravillosos momentos tristes son no mas.

please don't listen to this. please.
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Track Name: Demystifying
"I'm going to paraphrase Thoreau here... rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness... give me truth."
- Chris McCandless
Track Name: She Was The Girl (Feat. Kennedy & Nataly)
They say you gotta sing songs about love after she's gone
They say you gotta sing songs about love to help you move on
cause she knows everything
except knowing how to live with a heart that's beating

Try to turn this song into something else
This isn't love, it wasn't love, but it felt a lot like it
This wasn't love, but it felt a lot like it

This is about the girl from the library, this is about the girl
She had a really pretty face and it sucks you couldn't stay
but it's okay
She really calmed my heart down
no anxiety, agitation
She is everything this world, cruel world needs

She was the girl from the library
I didn't want to leave from the library but i had to depart
you'll always have a special place in my lonely heart

I know you won't see her again
In fact you know you won't my friend
you're better off with a different girl
that'll make your world whirl

She was the girl from the library

broken hearts fall to pieces.. all you gotta do is....

To Be Continued
Track Name: Art
its a different day can't get it my way
im just trying to get by but
im way down on my luck
and my life is a mess
im never out to impress
got no money, im broke
oh man im....... gonna be totally fine

i cant stress it enough
how i really love art
and im learning guitar
and how im grateful for that lady who came by the park
to tell me about her son
who has different days
just trying to get by
and this is what he had to say:

"Madre, si estoy cocinando hamburguesas, sabes que estoy felliz porque yo soy libre. No me importa y si no estoy haciendo dinero. Tengo un pasion que es importante a mi."

Mother, if im flipping burgers, you know im happy because i am free. I do not care if im not making money. I have a passion that is important to me.
Track Name: Dramamine
I'm waking up with someone in my bed
It's someone from my night night dreams
she said "I'm aching from my head can you help me out please?"
I'm closing my eyes to find some sleep instead

Oh dramamine, the closest friend to me
oh dramamine
Eat a slice with me, pop some dramamine
dont leave me

I'm waking up with something in my head
Track Name: "objet petit a"
It's not the objet petit a
but something transcendental
I've transgressed love beyond
My biological desire,
to create, encapsulate
My truth of love
Track Name: Temper Tantrums
Well I got on the wrong bus today
Lately I've been thinking that I do that everyday
As if my destination isn't where I need to be
or maybe it's a metaphorical thing
Like how we live life with goodness in our hearts
but screw over everyone we know, everyone we love
that's all just a part of living free

Lately I've been feeling worthless
but not in my eyes, but in those I choose to see
The past six months seem so small to me
as if nothing life changing could happen
why does my heart ache to see it all gone?
like that day in August we lit a fire and went our ways
I just hope you'll be happy to know I'm here to stay

Why do I feel like i'm stepping back in my shoes
Why do I feel like i'm going downhill too?

Kris says, "You're not even 19, this is what you gotta do to get where you need to be."
Brandon says, "Dude, this is just another step for you."
and my heart's been telling me maybe things aren't as bad as they seem
cause everyday, and everything will be okay
Track Name: Clear Skies, Empty Spaces
"Some people feel like they don't deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past."
- Chris McCandless

I thought I found you
I could've sworn we found eachother
but i'm sitting here strumming a lonely tune
Hoping it'll get me back to finding you

Will the gray clouds point me in the right direction?
I think that's where you might reside
but I look up to find them over me
Dramatically thundering for everyone to see

I fly up to the clouds just to help me sleep
It can bring me closer to seeing you
Maybe I can find a way to see you permanently...
These loosened ends never seemed so tied (Repeat)
Tying loose ends just to save my life

And I'm happy that you're fine
I'm glad you're happy
I remember wiping tears from your face
"What will I do without you?" She said
But that was months ago
You'll be fine my darling.... It's who you are.
Track Name: Don't Tell Me (Not Self Hate)
"We like companionship, see, but we can't stand to be around people for very long. So we go get ourselves lost, come back for a while, then get the hell out again."
- Chris McCandless

Theres been a time in our life
where we've never seen the sunrise
or maybe that day is yet to come
where are we now?
don't tell me this is growing up
don't tell me this is life, "It's rough"
who said life was suppose to be this way?
who made the decision that this was okay?
chase your dreams in your sleep
beg to HIM on your knees
are we stars glistening in a black sky
or are we fools prepared to die?

was this world our magnificent heaven
that we have for so long neglected
I guess school never taught us how to care
the cycle of systematic death never seemed fair
every day we hurt each other
every day we kill each other
I don't understand why
I guess we're fools ready to die