one day i'll miss this EP

by Maravilla

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Reminiscent of the old days, this short EP by Maravilla gives a glimpse to a new path and direction. The past has ended; the new beginnings start and they come with a distinct maturity. The focus is art, and it remains a definitive piece of the life consisting Maravilla. No longer are we kept under those adolescent emotions, but are sustained by a growing articulation for the next step in our lives. This EP births from the ashes a perspective.


released April 16, 2016

I, nick knack patty wack, played the guitar and banjo and wrote all the songs that aren't covers :)
my brother helped me write some of the songs
i used his banjo

For the rejected, the artist, the kid with their 7th pair of glasses (i know the feel), for the loner, for friends, for family, for anyone who wants to listen and the kid quitting thier job at Target not giving up, but staying strong and bettering their position in life. You're on your way home to paint.

Cover Art by Nicholas Vasquez
The girl in the drawing is based off someone i saw at college. Her single "CRASS" patch on her shorts intrigued me. Sorry person!



all rights reserved


Maravilla Los Angeles, California

A collection of sappiness and unhappiness from the later part of 2015 and the early part of 2016. I do not condone anyone to listen to this. Go read a book. Thanks though to everyone that helped especially my brother who beautifully wrote the album descriptions.. Los maravillosos momentos tristes son no mas.

please don't listen to this. please.
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Track Name: Can You?
Used a scene from iRobot
Track Name: Lost Art
On the bus yesterday i lost my life
it going west me staying south
i've made some mistakes but not like this
and i'll regret it forever on my path
i remember those days working so hard
with a distant moon above my yard
and the planets sing of madness
while we evade each others darkness

and i will look for you
trapped in the corners of this room
through each broken bottle of paint
i see you in my arms so faint

i've never known a greater loss
until the day i lost my art
and my love was doomed in hate
when you never learned to appreciate
the pallet is dry, my pencils dull
a vacant canvas i can't control
this world reflects everything in me
little pieces you have yet to find

and i will look for you
trapped in the corners of this room
through each broken bottle of paint
i see you in my arms so faint

and i will look for you
trapped in the corners of this room
through dry ink inside my pen
you stand in arbitrary arms content

I wrote this song months ago but lost the lyrics. This was co written with Kris Vasquez.
Track Name: Vicious Cycles
i cant wait till we get there
i can see your eyes so bright
the moons light is bouncing off your hair
you're my only one in sight

and i love you

but i swear i won't mean it and
i'll crush every meaning beneath it
all my promises are empty and i know you wont accept me
but you will never care

and i want you to stay
but there's always somewhere to go
we say we love each other always
but our actions will never show

but i love you

love is just another way of saying
"i'll never see you again"
and i know how much time that wastes
i'll never waste again no

there were words we said that we never meant to say at all
there were things we did that we never meant to do at all
cause the way we live
is as violent as a molotov

Track Name: Sense, Sensibility (AJJ Cover)
AJJ Cover
Track Name: hey nick, it's been a while (hey kyle, it's been a while by Kyle Hall cover)
this persons song
Track Name: On Living
When i was a kid, i've seen so many things you wouldn't believe
i've reached the mountain tops and slept with the trees
i watched the stars turn to clouds over the night
now i'm older and still don't know whats right
do i go out and get a car and drive oh so far?
will i be satisfied working from 9 to 5
i heard on the grape vine that money is the way to go
cause what else in this world do you have to show?

if thats the truth will these cars please run me down
if thats the truth will this cop please gun me down
if thats the truth then you're better off without me
cause im not settling for this mundane way of living

when i was in school i didn't have too many friends
when the days ended, we gathered up and followed the wind
you can call us rebels but i swear to you we followed the rules
except when i ditched class with this orange haired girl, she was cool
you'll look at us and judge with your eyes
you see crime and destruction that we're ruining our lives
well me and my brother are trying to change the world with our zines
he's 20 yrs old and working on his PhD

me and my friends all wear similar things
me and my friends don't care cause we're living
me and my friends wear jewelry in our nose
dont look at me because i wear the same clothes

our lifestyles might change over time. my friends have so much to do and so do i. relationships go away but i swear i want you to stay. like that time i gave you my heart. or families being torn apart.

so when i'm out on these streets all alone
with a dirty bag on me everywhere i go
i look up at the clouds way out in the sky
the next time i see you i just might say "Hi"